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“Do You Want to Go Back?”

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

How COVID-19 almost took her life, but the goodness and mercy of God prevailed.

Submitted by Luis and Pamela Perez

Luis and Pamela Perez

After a weekend of celebrating their birthdays with their two children and spouses, and reporting to the school where she worked the Monday and Tuesday before everything shut down because of the pandemic, on Wednesday March 18th, Pamela said she didn’t feel well. On Friday March 20th her husband urged her to call her doctor. Since she didn’t have a fever, her doctor told her she was probably coming down with the flu and to stay away unless she spiked a fever. For the next seven days Pamela got progressively worst, but never registered a temperature. On Saturday, March 28th she awoke barely able to breathe, very weak, and her nails were blue. Rushed to the hospital she was tested for the coronavirus and immediately put on oxygen. By the next morning, the diagnosis of the Coronavirus was confirmed, and with no improvement in her breathing or oxygen levels, she was put on a ventilator. She would spend the next eleven days on the ventilator and a total of fourteen days in a coma from a paralytic. While her family and loved ones who couldn’t visit held vigil and mobilized an army to intercede on her behalf, her husband of forty-six years (himself in quarantine) spent tearful days and nights pleading with God for grace and mercy.

While all of this was taking place on the earth realm, Pamela found herself in heaven with the Lord – standing in front of a large door with a bench outside. Pamela asked the Lord, what is this place? The Lord said it was a court – at which Pamela immediately began to cry explaining that she had nothing to present to the court. The Lord responded to her despair by telling her that He was her advocate and to plead His blood. The Lord then asked her if she had any “ought” against anyone and immediately two faces she felt she had forgiven flashed before her. She again began to weep and responded with “Lord you know.” The Lord then asked her if she was willing to forgive them and give them a clean slate – and she said “YES!” At this, the large door opened. As they walked in she could immediately feel that God as Judge was on her right side and feared to look in that direction. Upon entering, the Lord once again said to her, “I’m your advocate, plead my blood.” He spent some time speaking to God, and a couple of more times turned to her and told her, “I’m your advocate, plead my blood.”

As she listened to them talking to one another the Lord then turned to her and asked her “DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK?” Immediately she exclaimed “YES!” But she thought, “It’s too early… What would my children think? What will Luis think?” Her next memory is waking up in ICU staring up at the ceiling not knowing where she was. A week later she was released from the hospital with some extended rehab work ahead, but grateful at God’s grace and mercy – and a second chance at life.


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