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Dr. Shawn Kirk Ministries Presents Christian Counselor Certification Program

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Become a Board Certified Christian Counselor and start your journey to helping people heal. · 10 week path to certification · 2 hours of live Zoom instruction each week Do you have a deep desire to help people? Do you like helping people grow? Do people naturally come to you for help or guidance? Is your Christian Life an example for others to follow? Would you like formal training to help people at a higher level? Two classes to choose from: Sunday July 10th and Monday July 11th. Both are from 6:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST. Chose which day is best for you. Are you a Pastor that would like counseling credentials? Would you like credentialled people within your church to help counsel your members? We can train and certify the people in your church that you trust. With 20 church members, Pastors are free! As a trained Christian Counselor, you: · Will have a positive impact on the people you speak to and encourage. · Will help people move forward with their lives spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Learn and practice a six-session outline for counseling topics such as:

Marriage – Depression – Anxiety – Addiction – Anger

Registration Fee $50 Tuition $600.00 (3 easy payments of $200) Click here to register online: Christian Counseling Certification - Dr. Shawn Kirk ( Dr. Shawn Kirk Ministries 281-780-1707 In partnership with the National Association of Christian Counselors

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