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Dupree: Bringing God’s Word To The World Through Music

By Pat Shea

When two people know each other as well as Lauren and Dylan Dupree do, it’s as entertaining to interview the pair as it is to hear this mother and son Christian duo sing.

Once you speak to them, you can understand why living in Orlando, Florida makes perfect sense. Orlando, often nicknamed “the home of the happiest place on earth,” is exactly what it’s like to listen to Lauren and Dylan speaking about their music. Happiness flows out of their personalities as they speak about their homelife and each other.

To hear the Dupree’s music or book Dupree for your church of event, visit their website at

In rapid fire succession, the pair crack jokes, laugh together, gently tease each other and cut off each other’s stories occasionally to add more details and reminisce in the way only family members can do.

When asked how long they have been performing together, the pair laughed before simultaneously answering, “All of our lives.”

According to Lauren, whether it was church, home or a special event, the Dupree’s have enjoyed sharing their music wherever they went as a family, and as performers.

Combining harmonies and a love for God

Although Lauren was raised in East Tennessee where music and church were an integral part of her life, it was Dylan who first became the family’s breakout star.

Studying guitar since age 7, he helped Lauren sing and play at church and then in 2017, when he was 18, prior to attending college, he had the opportunity to tour with multi-platinum boy band, LFO, on their reunion tour as lead guitarist.

At the time, both Dylan and his mother had been working on writing, recording and producing Christian songs together, but the pair put the project on hold until Dylan was scheduled to return from the tour.

However, during the tour, the band’s bus had a problem with a water pump which caused a delay for the group. Seeing a great opportunity to have a visit with his Mom, Dylan called Lauren and she joined him in New York.

As the tour continued, Dylan and Lauren were actually given the opportunity to perform a Christian song together, “How He Loves” one night for the audience. They were stunned by the audience’s response and the power of the Holy Spirit that filled the room.

“We saw this every night for about a month and it changed our lives,” said Dylan.

Lauren agreed. “That was when we decided to form “Dupree” and began writing and recording with the hope that we could take what we have done naturally our whole lives and spread our message to the masses.”

The American Christian Pop/Rock duo began combining not only harmonies and music genres, but also their love for God in all the songs they wrote, produced and performed.

“God is present within the music,” said Dylan. “There is just something different about music when you sing Christian songs. After writing pop songs for a year or two we felt empty and needed more fulfillment. So, we decided to write songs for Jesus. Now those are the ultimate kind of love song,” stated Dylan.

In 2018, the duo’s song “Everlasting Love” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian playlist.

In 2019, the pair began playing venues and spreading ministry through music. They currently have videos on YouTube and songs on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Amazon and Pandora.

Balancing their talents and their lives

To hear the Dupree’s music or book Dupree for your church of event, visit their website at

Generally, the band consists of Lauren on vocals and keyboard and on occasion, the drums, and Dylan playing electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Lauren also has a good ear, as Dylan brags, and in the studio environment, acts as a co-producer. Whenever necessary they have a backup band that plays with them when they tour, depending on the venue, but most of the time, it’s just the two of them on stage.

The pair have had some formal voice training from several individuals within the music industry, but both agree the greatest teacher they had was Devin Lima from LFO.

“He expanded our ranges and helped us gain the most control of our vocals,” explained Lauren. “But sadly, we lost Devin to adrenal cancer in 2018, but I know he would be proud of how our voices have developed because he always used to tell us how perfectly blended, we were on a record.”

Being both family and musicians together could cause friction between some people, but not this duo.

“We work together most of the time so it’s very balanced…” said Dylan.

“…but it’s sometimes a challenge to separate home from work…” added Lauren.

“…we have a studio in our home so we have to balance our time. It’s too easy to work too much and not balance the day,” explained Dylan.

“We have developed a routine that works because if you don’t, there is no order and then you can’t get things done efficiently,” Lauren added in agreement.

The pair currently work without an agent, with Lauren booking most of their gigs and trips.

“We have a list,” laughed Dylan. “She will organize things and then together we get it done.”

Working without representation to date has worked out for the pair, but they are starting to get national radio play and other opportunities coming their way so that may not always be the case.

“We are growing quickly and will need to expand our team soon,” said Dylan. “We are running our own label, Good Reception Music, but we are also considering signing with a major label in the future. This way, we can focus more on the music and less on the business side. There’s a lot of that goes on behind the scenes.”

Creativity blooms during the pandemic

To date the Dupree’s have made one album and 7 singles and are just about to release their second album.

“We haven’t quite chosen a set theme [for the new album] but what we do know is that it’s diverse…” said Dylan.

“…but not too diverse,” said Lauren laughing. “It’s just the right amount of diversity to introduce us to the world but at the same time praise God and his Kingdom.”

Of course, like most musicians, the pandemic did affect the pair, but also gave them an opportunity to be creative.

“Just as we were getting ready to tour, everything shut down [due to the pandemic]. The blessing is that in that time we were able to write and produce our next album. As soon as venues open up again, we’ll bring our music live and in-person to our fans and we can’t wait,” Dylan said.

Singing has become more than a full-time business for the duo, it’s a ministry. As Lauren puts it, “It’s our passion and what makes us the happiest. The benefit of doing what you love is no matter what it is, you will be good at it.”

For Dylan, the greatest part of performing with Lauren is that knowing each time they play together they get the same feelings; of being close to each other and to God.

“Music is like another language. It’s been a connection unlike any other because we understand each other and what we are thinking when we play our music. It’s been like this for many generations in our family,” explained Dylan.

As the two are poised for the future, it’s reaching out to others with the message in their music that excites them both.

“Reaching millions of believers and non-believers and bringing them closer to Christ or being part of introducing them to Christianity is our passion,” explained Lauren. “We see us doing this until we can’t anymore because we’re living our dream and doing what we love as God’s humble servants. We are building His kingdom with the musical gifts he has given us. Finding Jesus has changed our lives and we want to change others’ lives as well.”

To hear the Dupree’s music or book Dupree for your church of event, visit their website at

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