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Is The Bible True? Syracuse Author Vince Latorre Offers Evidence That The Bible Can Be Proven

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

By Pat Shea

Is the Bible truth or fiction? Throughout history, questions regarding the validity of the information presented in the Bible, such as did Noah’s ark really exist, or did God really create the world in seven days, has often been discussed, argued and disputed. According to Syracuse author, Vince Latorre, the information in the Bible is not only factual, he has the scientific and historic evidence to prove it.

Latorre, 61, an accountant by trade, is the author of the 2012 book, The Bible Can Be Proven. An avid researcher and a self-professed “science nerd,” Latorre has been studying Apologetics, which, according to, is “…the defense of the Christian faith,” for many years. Apologetics involves extensive research and review of Christian doctrines such as the Bible and biblical papers and teachings, which is something that has always interested Latorre.

“Even as a child I was always interested in how we got here, how God came to be and even what He was like,” explained Latorre. “[As I got older] I began studying Apologetics and discussing whether God existed. I really began researching the Bible,” Latorre stated. “There is so much good information you can get from the Bible. It teaches us that God’s creations just didn’t pop up by chance, it details how things came to be.”

As Latorre’s interest grew, he became inspired to delve even further into biblical research. Through the years, although he pursued a professional career in finance, he began writing papers outlining his research and evidence on why he believed the information within the Bible was true. “It became obvious as I continued to research and write that I was no longer writing a paper; I was writing a book,” laughed Latorre.

While preparing his manuscript, Latorre researched and reviewed over 200 books on defending the information within the Bible. “It took me seven years to do the research,” explained Latorre. “During this time, I learned a lot of background knowledge, but I still didn’t have the understanding how to assemble all this information into a book. I didn’t know how to finish it or edit it, but I knew it would be great to have all the lines of evidence consolidated in one place. I had done all the heavy lifting, but I knew I still needed someone to pull all this information together.”

The answer for turning his research and vision into a resource for others came to Latorre through the most ordinary means; the mail.

“I believe it was divine intervention,” explained Lator

re. “I got a card in the mail one day for a

writer’s conference. The strange thing is I wasn’t a member of this organization and I had never signed up for any information or attended any previous meetings or conferences. The card literally came out of nowhere. I went to the conference thinking I could get some ideas on how to put together this book, and it was there I met my publisher, who would help me turn 80,000 words in a 220-page book.”

Latorre’s publisher, Higher Life Development Service, provided editorial support to Latorre, as well as marketing assistance, an area most new writers need the greatest help with. “The book is considered self-published or co-published,” explained Latorre, “but the good thing is I retain full rights. The publisher warehouses the books and even helped me create a website,”

Latorre’s website provides visitors with an easy-to-maneuver platform to view the writer’s current articles and videos, a blog on the book, as well as chapter outlines. “The website highlights some of the research that is covered in the book, but there is also a lot of information listed on the site that isn’t in the book. I have over 90 articles listed. I think there’s even enough to start a second book now,” laughed Latorre.

According to Latorre, the response to The Bible Can Be Proven, has been positive overall. “It’s a different book from others in the field. It’s easy to follow, but it doesn’t water down the information,” explained Latorre. “There are over 400 footnotes referenced, and I cover a lot of the questions that have been asked by both believers and skeptics.”

In fact, Latorre has found that many of his greatest supporters were once his greatest skeptics until they read the book. “Even people who disagree before they read the book find they can’t refute the truth once they read the information,” stated Latorre. “I question them with the details. If they say to me, ‘Well this didn’t happen or that didn’t happen,’ I ask for specifics. I have them show me where they believe there is controversy and then I show them the evidence. The Bible is ironclad. The evidence is powerful, and the truth is evident. My book provides a chapter outline for each subject so if someone has specific questions about a certain aspect of the Bible, I can answer it quickly and truthfully.”

Although Latorre has been pleased with the feedback from readers, his greatest challenge remains getting the word out about the book. “The hardest part of having a book like this is actually getting it in people’s hands,” stated Latorre. “I know if pastors could read the book and give it to [their congregation] it would answer a lot of questions.”

Currently, Latorre sells the book online for approximately $16.99 at,  although he often gives discounts for churches or savings for attendees at book signings and speaking engagements. “I didn’t write this book to make money, I wrote it because I believe the information is so important. This is my ministry, and I pour myself into it to prove the Bible is real, “stated Latorre. “I have preached about the Bible. I have researched biblical archeology and I have taught Bible school. I am inspired when people hear me speak and then pick up a copy of the book for their son or daughter who may have gone to college and comes back an atheist. That inspires me to keep going. There is a need out there to help these young people, but it takes a lot of work to do the research. I want to be an asset to others. I believe the Lord wouldn’t have me do this if I wasn’t meant to be an asset.”

For more information on The Bible Can Be Proven, visit or contact Vince Latorre at

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