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By Anne LeBlanc

Stuck at home? Lost your job? Struggling to make ends meet? Worried about the future?

That’s the situation for a lot of people in recent months.

Now add to the mix a few other factors.

Unexpectedly pregnant.

Boyfriend says, “Get rid of it.”

Your parents say, “You’re too young.”

Friends say, “You can just go down to Planned Parenthood and have it taken care of.”

His mother says, “I’ll pay for it.”

What do you do?

If you’re lucky, someone says, “You know, there are pregnancy help centers where they want a good life for both you and your baby. Here’s their phone number. Let’s call and get you an appointment and find out what resource they can offer. I’ll go with you.”

Consider aiding a pregnancy help center. They are more needed now than ever before. Volunteer, donate, pray. They deserve your support and so do the women they serve.

RARTL can provide referrals for help for women with problem pregnancies. We can also provide referrals for women who now regret their past abortions and also for men who regret their fatherhood lost through abortion. If we can help with these or any other pro-life issue, please contact Rochester Area Right to Life by mail at our office 675 Ling Road, Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14612 or by e-mail at or by phone (585) 621-4690. You are welcome to visit our website


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