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Learn How To Defend Your Faith With Anyone Who Asks - Even A High-Minded Scholar!

(Syracuse, NY) - You don't have to be at a loss for words, if someone tells you that the Bible is full of errors and contradictions.

You don't need to be a PHD scholar to demonstrate that the Bible is more than just the words of men, but is in fact the inspired Word of God!

The Bible can be Proven will give you good answers by laying out 11 different lines of evidence to give you powerful responses to today's challenges to the Bible! Readers will learn:

· How to demonstrate that we have essentially the original Bible in our possession

· How to show that the history in the Bible is absolutely accurate by examining the archaeological evidence

· How so-called contradictions in the Bible really amount to nothing and how to resolve them

· The five undisputed historical facts that are best explained by the resurrection of Christ, and how other proposed explanations fail

· How scientific foreknowledge in the Bible also demonstrates divine inspiration

· How the very structure of the Bible shows that it could only have come from One Mind, the Mind of God.

Author Vince Latorre is a professional accountant who has applied his detail-oriented skills to

researching evidences that support the reliability of the Bible for over 35 years. In The Bible Can Be Proven he deals with and answers questions that many have not found answer to elsewhere:

"How can I describe this book? It's absolutely amazing. I found it impacting, informative, enlightening, and refreshingly different from any apologetic book I've read." -Larry Titus, President of Kingdom Global Ministries.

"I have loaned your book The Bible Can Be Proven to several of my friends. The best testimonial, however, actually came from my wife who said that this book truly increased her faith and answered questions she has had for many years. Well done, brother! - Doc Loomis, Missionary Bishop, Anglican Mission in the Americas

Purchase your copy of this valuable resource book today!

Vince is available to speak at churches, colleges, and to any other interested groups. Please contact Vince Latorre at 315-492-6039 or

Web site and Blog:

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