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New Christian Book by John Bullock

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

New Christian Book “Seeing with Fresh Eyes: Sin, Salvation, and the Steadfast Love of God” by John Bullock Challenges Readers To Ask The Hard Faith Questions

The current pandemic reminds us that the church is not the building but the body of believers. “The church has never been a building, and COVID-19 is helping make that clear,” say authors Syler Thomas and Mike Woodruff in the Chicago Times. “Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told a group of also-rans that he would use them to turn the world upside down. He did. And the early church did it without buildings.”* Neither, John Bullock submits, is the traditional church building always the place to find answers to puzzling faith questions. After years of struggling to discover “how salvation works,” and receiving simplistic responses—“just trust and believe”—or being discouraged from even asking, Bullock decided to read Scripture as if he were viewing it for the first time.

In his new release Seeing with Fresh Eyes: Sin, Salvation, and the Steadfast Love of God, Christians who share his frustration, or those who are disillusioned with the Christianity they see around them are invited to join him on his journey of reexamination and discovery. Bullock’s goal is not more knowledge about God but a genuine, personal relationship with the

Creator—to know God Himself. Beginning in Genesis, he follows the redemption story through to the resurrection and uncovers the depth of God’s persistent love and breadth of his plan to redeem humanity. “God is more good than you’ve been told,” Bullock says, “and his salvation more thorough than you’ve imagined. Giving voice to one’s questions or doubts strengthens rather than weakens faith because an unexamined and untested belief system is not faith—it’s only an inheritance.”

Bullock writes for Christians longing for a deeper relationship with God—those who are willing to risk what they think they know to discover what the Bible really says. He also speaks to those Christians who have become disenchanted with Christianity because they haven’t seen the God they were promised. Seeing with Fresh Eyes is not only a challenging personal read but is also suitable for groups who want to dig deep and wrestle with hard faith questions.



John Bullock’s thirty-seven-year Air Force career as a physician assistant not only included clinical roles but also leadership positions in medical research and development. Later, he added a master’s degree in biblical studies from Charis Bible College to his medical degrees and bachelor’s degree from Houghton College. Retired from the Air Force and practice of medicine, Bullock lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife. Seeing with Fresh Eyes is his debut book.

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