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Peaceful Protest At Cherry Hill Women’s Center Warning Public Of Increase In Late Term Abortions

Peaceful Protest At Cherry Hill Women’s Center Warning Public Of Increase In Late Term Abortions In New Jersey.

Submitted by Rev Childress Jr.

Learn Northeast and South Jersey Coalition activist denounce Governor Murphy’s attempt to increase Abortions just before birth.

This Saturday @ 10:00 AM Prolife Activist of the region will rally at 10:00AM @ Cherry Hill Women’s Center 502 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill New Jersey.

New Jersey’s Governor Murphy along with prominent Democrat leadership across the nation have sought to push late term abortion legislation that many are calling radical and unconscionable.

Christine Flaherty of LifeNet stated, “The Reproductive Freedom Act totally is contrary to the will of the people. The Governor again is bypassing the will of the citizens he is to represent. This legislation is clearly an attempt to increase what the people do not want which is abortions just before birth. Despicable!”

According to the most recent Marist Poll (Jan 2021) 7-10 Americans, including nearly half who identify as pro-choice, want significant restrictions on abortion. Moreover, 58% of all Americans oppose using tax dollars for abortion, 55% want to ban abortions after 20 weeks, 70% of Americans oppose abortion if a child is born with Down’s Syndrome, 80% of Americans believe that laws can protect both a pregnant woman and the life of her unborn child.

Gwen Swartznader of The South Jersey Coalition commented, “this bill would profoundly ignore the will of the people, even those who are pro-choice. This facility will produce the late term abortions Governor Murphy wants. I’m appalled.”

Rev Childress of LearnNortheast said, “Once again without caucus or consent of the people. That’s how Roe Vs Wade was given to the people as well as this attempt for the Reproductive Freedom Act. These eugenic laws are produced to victimize the African American community habitually. We have asked New Jersey as well as America to stop funding racism. The skeptics now know what we have been saying for years! The African American community and people of color are targeted by the abortion Industry!”

Dr. Childress is referring to the recent revelations discovered at the University of Pittsburg which revealed racial targeting for the harvesting of human fetal parts. A written proposal retrieved by Judicial Watch stated, of its planned aborted ‘subjects’ Pitt desired 50% to be minority fetuses. The proposal suggests that the ‘subjects’ be diverse because Pittsburgh is diverse. The U.S. Census Bureau shows the city of Pittsburgh is close to 70% white. “The university would harvest 50% of aborted babies from white mothers and 50% from minority mothers with 25% of the babies specifically coming from black mothers.” Blacks make up 12.4 of the population but make up 36% of the abortions nationally.

Ethel Hermanue of LifeNet South Jersey stated , “I know Cherry Hill Women’s Center serves many women coming in from Philadelphia. This center no doubt will be accommodating the needs of the University of Pittsburg for minority babies. The Reproductive Freedom Act will help them do that.”

Retired surgeon Kathleen Ruddy and author of the recently released book, “The Viability of Roe,” makes an eye-opening discovery about the lucrativeness of harvesting fetal tissue which she points out in her book. “I found a newspaper article in which the reporter stated that a small vile of fetal liver stem cells cost about $24,000, who buys and sells and uses fetal tissue acquired from abortion clinics Denise Grady and Nicholas St. Fleur, The New York Times July 27, 2015. Think about it, one tiny vile of fetal liver stem cells went for $24,000 a few years ago. What would two kidneys, a spleen, pancreas, and small intestine, where important blood cells of the immune system are made, the bone marrow, two testes, two ovaries, the eyes, the inner ears, the spinal cord, or the brain go for?”

“The Slave Block is still alive and well in the United States”, Rev Childress Stated, “Body Parts for Sale” from those who have been declared non-citizens, and they call me radical.” “This undercover sting revealed body parts being removed even before the death of the child, The Third Reich didn’t do such abominations!”

For further information go to www.SaySoMarch.com or dial 1-866-242-4997.


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