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Reigning Miracle Ministry, Moving In The Spirit From College To Campmeetings

CLICK HERE to see the photo gallery of Campmeeting 2019

By Rick Kern

“It’s a good old-fashioned Pentecostal campmeeting,” declares Pastor Don Evans, “all the gifts of the Spirit are in operation and the Spirit fills the speakers and singers.” He adds eagerly, “All the food is free, camping is free… We just go by a free will offering. We’ve always done that with our tapes and our books and our stuff too. We figure that God hasn’t sent us here to make a living in that sense. We’re to get souls saved and help them any way we can.”

The, “we’re,” in that beautiful, godly sentiment, would be a part of the body of Christ known as “Victory Christian Center,” (VCC), the local church that Reverend Evans shepherds as its senior pastor, and hosts of the annual campmeetings.

Campmeetings have anchored a long and storied place in American history. Originally held in frontier areas for worship, preaching, prayer, and fellowship, they were part of the foundation of the early 19th Century’s Second Great Awakening. Back in the day, settlers without steady preachers available would periodically travel to campmeetings to gather with like-minded believers and share their common faith and worship. Today, campmeetings are frequently held on an annual basis at campgrounds or on property owned by various churches or denominations.

With what has grown into a treasured tradition, Victory Christian Center is making a difference for the Kingdom of God with their annual campmeetings. Blessed with a sizeable tract of land, they hold their Miracle/Prophetic CampMeetings every year as they have for the past 30-years.

“People get saved, they receive miracles and healings,” observes Evans. “They get delivered; they get set free — it’s just a great time!” He adds, “We like to keep it old fashioned as much as we possibly can so we can end up setting around the table with stuff between the services.” Thus, while the event may revolve around God’s moving in the spiritual dimension, the Lord doesn’t limit His involvement to services alone. Faith, family, and fun seem to share a tightknit relationship, and their mutual nurturing looms large in all that God does at the campmeetings.

“Everyone would be playing horseshoes or volleyball and just having a good old time. It’s very intimate, very family-like,” Evans notes. Additionally, VCC strives to keep costs to a minimum and provide as much as they can for participants. “We feed them and there is no charge,” explains Pastor Don, “we put out pans for the offering, but we don’t push. We’re not looking for money and everybody that comes loves it because you don’t have to worry about spending $300 to even come to the camp, to stay at a motel or someplace because they can put two campers right on the same property.” Continuing he adds, “They can put their tents on our property, or they can go a half-a-mile down the road and stay in a motel. They have slept at our church. They’re coming to rough it — right?!”

Not only do they offer temporary squatting rights (so-to-speak) to attendees, but there are as many as five houses on the property where people can shower, and one of the locations has a pool that can be used for baptismal services.

“We do this once a year over the fourth of July,” Evans explains. “If people haven’t taken a vacation, they’ll at least get Saturday and Sunday off and then you got the holiday, so you know you got them for three days.” He adds, “Typical services go five days. We hope they take a whole vacation; all they have to pay for is the gas it takes to get here however they come.”

While Christian leadership is always out in front, it is rare for a senior pastor to boldly assume the title, “prophet,” however, for Pastor Don, who leads “Reigning Miracle Ministry” (RMM), Victory Christian Center’s covering ministry, it is an office and calling he and his flock readily embrace. Be that as it may, it is fair to say that Evans is the job, not the title, thus the ministry’s website ( features a complete roster of scores of prophecies cross referenced with a companion webpage that is said to confirm their fulfillment. Furthermore, the ministry’s website, has posted that they have enjoyed an amazing 5 Billion, 580 Million hits in addition to another 77,070 visits registered on the website’s counter as of this writing. That is a remarkable, maybe even unprecedented expanse of cyber-traffic passing through a single website!

While RMM’s campmeetings are a much-anticipated annual event, they are but one of many of the group’s outreaches. They have a vibrant Christian school, “Victory Christian Academy,” and offer higher education at the “King’s” College. Victory Christian Academy strives to provide a well-rounded Christian education for its students and teach them to excel in academics. They offer 13 years of school from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and strive to train the student to see life from God’s point of view combining academic excellence with biblical realities. Thus, they develop critical thinking while shaping godly character and an eternal perspective.

Additionally, Reigning Miracle Ministry has expanded their academic reach establishing both baccalaureate and graduate programs in Theology at the “King’s” College. They have designed their course work to help develop the spiritual and educational destiny God has placed upon each life, while equipping people to live up to their light and calling. Their graduate program offers both Masters and Doctorate degrees, also in Theology.

Victory Christian Center also offers a vibrant, worshipful music ministry, and an affordable bookstore filled with hard-copy and cyber-resources to inspire, strengthen, and help believers. And among the more prolific dynamics that resonate about the fellowship on its webpage, is their unflinching statement that VCC is, “The Father’s house, where God speaks prophetically to His people in every service.”

Pastor/Prophet Evans has been walking with the Lord a long time and has ministered all over the world. There are no shortage of endorsements on the RMM website that say he has a proven ministry in miracles, healing, faith, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, and in the office of a prophet. His academic credentials are categorically impressive with two doctorate degrees, and he has pioneered some seven churches. Additionally, he has established two Bible colleges, held Miracle Crusades in 21 countries overseas and 45 different States in America, as well as Mexico and Canada. He has also penned college textbooks that are currently being used in eight different institutions of higher learning.

RMM unassumingly moves forward in God’s will in a quiet obedience that yields much fruit. It is guided by a man who has emphatically said that he has seen blind eyes open, lame people walk, and even the dead raised — by a risen Lord. RMM continues to serve its community with practical expressions of God’s love, even offering a free summer camp. As far as the camp meetings go, there are no plans to slow down. “We will continue these camp meetings indefinitely,” declares Evans, “unless the government stops us along the way!”

CLICK HERE to see the photo gallery of Campmeeting 2019

If you would like to learn more about Reigning Miracle Ministry, Victory Christian Center, or their many ministries, call them at (607) 756-5770, or hit their website located at

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