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Secret Orthodox Believers In Jesus

(BUFFALO, NY) – Anthony Cardinale's latest book, “The Pharisees Are Coming to Jesus: Secret Orthodox Believers in Israel and America," breaks new ground in understanding how Jews can accept Jesus without leaving the Jewish faith.

Cardinale has interviewed underground Orthodox Jewish believers in Jesus who discreetly continue to attend their synagogues, waiting for the Holy Spirit to touch the others with the identity of the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. And he reveals how they are fitting Jesus into their Judaism, rejecting anti-Christian teachings in the Talmud.

"They are replicating the Early Church, whose Jewish believers met secretly (for fear of the Sanhedrin) but visited the Temple daily," Cardinale notes. "After all, why would Jews who have found Jesus to be the Messiah leave His Jewish religion?"

He adds that today's descendants of the Pharisees (the Orthodox) are a key to the Second Coming, for they alone are still eager to rebuild the Temple, which Jesus said will be present in the final days.

Anthony Cardinale is an award-winning Christian Zionist who began writing about Israel and the Jewish people long before discovering his own Jewish bloodlines. A university instructor and member of the National Association of Scholars, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize three times during his years as a reporter with the Buffalo News. He has written for Messianic Times, Jewish Voice Today, Charisma and Ministries magazines, as well as the Jerusalem Post and the Orthodox weekly Yated Ne'eman. He also brings to his writings his dramatic touch as an award-winning playwright.

Cardinale's book reveals that major leader of underground believers was Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the Sephardic Rabbi of Israel and founder of the powerful Shas political party. When he died in 2013, more than 200,000 Israelis paid their respects. . . many of them also secret believers.

For centuries, Jewish believers would join a church and lose their identity as God's Chosen People. But starting in the 1860s, Jewish believers formed their own congregations, and by the 20th Century the International Hebrew Christian Alliance had chapters in 18 countries on four continents. They planned to establish a “Hebrew Christian Church” – to replicate the original Church at Jerusalem where believers maintained their Jewish identity. Sadly, most of them perished in the Holocaust.

Since then, the Messianic Jewish movement – with an estimated 350,000 members worldwide – has sprouted nearly 200 "messianic synagogues" across the globe, including many in Israel. But the Orthodox dismiss them as "churches with Jewish trappings."

Cardinale predicts that when Orthodox believers finally are exposed and ejected from their synagogues, they will form their own Orthodox messianic synagogues and openly herald the return of Messiah Jesus to the world.

He can be reached at His website is at

This book from Xulon Press is available online through It is endorsed by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, president of Jewish Voice Ministries, International.

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