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Seven Words You Never Want To Hear: An Interview With Christian Author, Denise Wilson

By Pat Shea

We all know someone. It could be a friend, a family member or maybe a co-worker who hears you discuss your faith and will claim they too are “religious”, “spiritual” or “saved.” However, when you hear them speak or watch how they treat others it’s apparent that when it comes to faith, they’re all talk and no substance. When you encounter these Christians-in-name-only, is there really anything you can do about it? If you’re Denise Wilson, you write a book.

Wilson’s book, Seven Words You Never Want to Hear, was written out of her concern and love for those who profess faith, yet don’t show evidence of genuine faith.

“The Bible says that there are ‘many’ who think they are saved when in fact, they are not,” explained Wilson in a recent interview with The GoodNewsNY. “This topic is important to me because I am passionate about the gospel and am concerned about false conversions. The Bible says that we are to examine ourselves to see if we are in faith (2. Corinthians 13:5). All professing Christians should examine themselves using tests given in Scripture and the book goes through many of these tests, giving the reader an opportunity for self-examination,” said Wilson.

The title for Wilson’s book came from Scripture, (Matthew 7:23). The seven words are, “I never knew you; depart from me,” and were spoken by Jesus.

Throughout the book Wilson uses personal stories from her own life, as well as examples from friends, family members and other Christians she has spoken with to illustrate how faith can change a life.

“I want my readers to understand than an intellectual knowledge of the gospel is not enough for salvation. They need to examine themselves using the tests given in Scripture and outlined in the book,” Wilson said.

A Labor Of Love

It took Wilson, 56, who has a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Emmaus Bible College and was a missionary in Italy at one point in her life, four years to complete this book, although she has created many works in her imagination over the years.

“This is… my third book,” stated Wilson on her website. “If you’re thinking ‘Third book? I don’t remember the first two,’ that’s been the problem in the past. They never got beyond my imagination.”

Seven Words You Never Want to Hear however, made the journey from Wilson’s spirit to Redemption Press, a Christian-owned and operated publishing house. In determining her target market, Wilson decided the book would have appeal to anyone who calls themselves a Christian. When asked why she felt now that the time was right to release this book, Wilson said, “False conversions have always been a concern. It was a problem in the early church, and it is [still] a problem today.”

Like-Minded Believers

Wilson’s desire for being with like-minded faith believers led her and her husband Brad to become, early in their marriage, “church planters.”

“We had moved to a small town with few churches,” explained Wilson. “We banded together with several other like-minded believers who were interested in meeting together as a local church. Erin Bible Chapel was the result of that desire for teaching, local fellowship, [sharing] the Lord’s supper and prayer,” said Wilson.

Today, Wilson lives in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, with husband Brad and her two sons, George, 28, and Josiah, 15. The family lives on a farm that has been in her husband’s family for generations, making their sons the sixth generation to live on the property.

Wilson’s own taste in books and teachings gravitates toward biographies of men and women of God.

“I am inspired and challenged when I read about their lives,” said Wilson. One person who greatly inspired Wilson while writing her book was Pastor Paul Washer. His sermon on examining faith and false conversions made a direct impact on Wilson and according to Wilson, “…was voted one of the greatest sermons of our time.”

Now that her book has been published, Wilson has received positive feedback from readers on the content. Many readers have also requested she write a Bible study book to accompany the Seven Words You Never Want to Hear. Wilson is currently working on that project.

It is Wilson’s hope that Christians will read the book and examine not only the faith of those they associate with, but their own faith as well. In a recent blog on her site Wilson said, “Regardless of how we redefine sin, God’s Word stands. He makes it clear that if certain behaviors are the pattern of our lives and we unapologetically persist in them, we ‘will not inherit the kingdom of God.’ These are strong words, but they are God’s, not mine.”

Wilson’s book retails at $13.99, is available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. To find out more about Wilson and her book, Seven Words You Never Want to Hear, visit her website at, her Facebook page at, or on Instagram at

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