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Sound Mind - Sound Life By Dr. Shawn Kirk Prepares You For Success In Every Area Of Your Life

By Dr. Shawn Kirk

In Sound Mind – Sound Life, Dr. Shawn shares a scriptural guide to building a sound mind that is ready for success in all areas of life.

This book successfully guides you through the spiritual development of a sound mind. It will improve your ability to interpret and respond to your environment and opportunities for success.

Success and the mantle of responsibility will bring about stress and problems that must be solved. A sound mind focused on purpose, destiny, and responsibility will stand strong and master stress, hardship, and problems.

Important topics include:

· Detailed steps to lasting change.

· How to pray as modeled by Jesus, Paul, John, and Solomon.

· Dealing with hardship and stress.

· Keeping your mind set on the things that matter most.

· Personal effort

· Chasing destiny instead of paychecks.

· God’s grace

Sound Mind - Sound Life concludes with detailed teaching from the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospels as Dr. Shawn takes you on an exciting journey through the amazing words of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus will help you develop and maintain a sound mind that is ready for success in every area of your life.

Dr. Kirk encourages his readers to have their minds transformed by God's word. He begins by laying out the notion that to be successful, you must first possess the mind-set to be successful and that as Christians we must develop the right way of thinking if we want to be successful and do things God’s way.

This book is a practical guide to right thinking. Through his examples and scripture, he makes a convincing case. Get your copy of Sound Mind - Sound Life today and start re-programming your mind. You’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Tony V. Lewis, President and Founder. Christian Bible Institute & Seminary

Dr. Shawn Kirk has a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling and is a Tony Robbins – Chloe Madanes trained Life Coach. He is a Certified Biblical Life Coach who is also credentialed in Temperament Therapy and Anger Management. His ministry specializes in helping individuals and couples create lasting change for a successful life.

Order your paperback or Kindle copy today at

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