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The Divine Meddler Novel Debuts This Summer

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

(Rochester, NY) - Long time readers of The Good News may recognize Sue LeDoux’s by-line. For years she has been a contributing reporter for this newspaper turned magazine.

She looks forward to this summer’s release, by ddbliss publishing, of her debut novel, The Divine Meddler. In it, LeDoux tells the saga of one man’s tortuous spiritual journey from soul-killing depression to hope.

After years of interviewing pastors and ministry leaders for The Good News, LeDoux said she “channeled” their pastoral hearts through the monks in her non-denominational St. Dismas Monastery.

In The Divine Meddler, Lou Skalney’s world ended when he learned of his daughter’s murder. In his grief, he turned his back on all he believed and loved. He chose a road labeled “justice” instead. Little did he know what awaited him as he took his first step on a path that would lead him into a pit he could not escape without help. Trapped in a 21st century version of a medieval monastery, will Lou recognize redemption when he sees it?

Now that she staked her claim in fiction real estate, LeDoux is building the sequel to The Divine Meddler. In Sheol Rising, newly appointed Abbot Jonah leads his monastery through a time of change, but opposing forces unite to pursue their own evil agenda. Betrayed by his best friend, and forced to relive his past, challenges his faith in God’s sovereignty and his own abilities.

And her third novel…Well, to find out, follow her on her website and subscribe to receive her weekly blogs, monthly Newsletter, and short stories. She also enjoys speaking with booklover’s groups.

You can join her where she hangs out on her Facebook page at , Twitter at, and on Instagram at

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