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Thoughtworld Speaks To Our Military And Veterans With New Thought Provoking App

(IRVINE, CALIFORNIA) - ThoughtWorld founder Robert Ming honors and remembers the many veterans who served in the United States military both domestic and around the globe. As the month of November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, for ThoughtWorld it is a daily reminder of the men and women who have selflessly given for our country in uniform, but also those who are fervently on the front lines of freedom including our active duty, the military spouse and the military family. Ming speaks about his ongoing pursuit to provide and serve our many veteran and military communities with an opportunity to speak candidly about the many needs they face daily including military housing, unemployment facing the military spouse, and unemployment facing the veteran; ThoughtWorld does just that.

The creators of ThoughtWorld have created an online place dedicated to all the active and formerly active servicemen and women and their families so that they can share not just what they think, but why. There's no tool like ThoughtWorld in the marketplace today; with the new IOS app launch, ThoughtWorld is engaging leaders in the veteran and military spaces to assist the veteran families better, military families and provides safe and conversational opportunities to discuss the problematic issues that daily face our nation's finest.

"Many people don't feel safe sharing their true thoughts or opinions online anymore, from veteran unemployment rates to issues facing military spouses, to the transitional career... ThoughtWorld has created a place dedicated to our military where the people who really understand the issues facing servicemen and women and their families can share opinions and collaborate on solutions." Ming says. "This is the very least we can do to serve those who have served us."

The ThoughtWorld platform disrupts the polling industry, social media, and customer experience industries simultaneously. It disrupts traditional market research by simply asking people what they think rather than relying on 3rd party data and inferences. It disrupts the customer experience feedback loop by making the interaction fun and so much more engaging than the old fashioned check-the-box surveys filled out by fatigued customers, and it disrupts the social media industry by changing the way people engage online, focusing on ideas and thoughts rather than using ego-driven, self-promotion and shallow exteriors to tap into the anger and drive engagement.

For every question that was censored on every platform across the mediums, ThoughtWorld and CEO Robert Ming has created a media tool that will engage consumers on many spectrums in the veteran and military spaces. Ming, a former mayor for the city of Laguna Niguel, created ThoughtWorld in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, providing an innovative platform where people can safely and anonymously share their thoughts, see what others think, and add real value to the political discussion. Hearing impactful thoughts from both veteran families and military families will help shape policy and lead to powerful, groundbreaking insights.

ThoughtWorld Founder and CEO Robert Ming created this breathtaking tool as a way to cut through the clutter found on most social media platforms. The goal is to encourage real discussion and transparently collect organic data on opinions and products. Ming is an employer for both military spouses and veterans spouses. He also is very active in his local community serving as the founder and President of the Laguna Niguel Military Support Foundation, in Laguna Niguel, California, where he also served as Mayor.

ABOUT: ThoughtWorld:

The creators of ThoughtWorld (, designed an innovative online space where people can safely and anonymously share their thoughts, see what others think, and add real value to public conversation. ThoughtWorld Founder and CEO Robert Ming created this breathtaking tool as a way to cut through the clutter found on most social media platforms. The goal is to encourage honest engagement and collaboration.

Robert Ming is the founder and CEO of ThoughtWorld and is responsible for setting the overall policy and direction of the company and platform. His deep desire to bring people together and make the world a better place shows not only in the platform but in the way he has invested his energy throughout life. As a practicing attorney and Founding Partner of Quadrant Law Group, a law firm that specializes in technology contract negotiation, Robert found his love for bringing people together and making complex things simple. He used those skills politically while Mayor of Laguna Niguel, California, where he served as a council member for 8 years. During that time, he also founded the Association of California Cities – Orange County, a public policy think tank for bringing elected officials together to tackle some of the most difficult political issues of the day. He loves making safe places where people can learn and expand their minds as he has done as Chairman of Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, where he has served for 17 years. Together with his wife Susie, Robert is committed to creating a brave new world where their four children can hear and be heard without fear or violence, where they can think and understand the opinions of others and bridge the gaps between people.

Lessie Russell is the Chief Customer Officer. She is known for designing best-in-class customer experiences that delight customers, create strong customer loyalty, and produce raving fans. A transformational CX leader and strategist, Lessie brings 15+ years of multisector expertise in the delivery of global and enterprise-level customer-focused cultures, programs, departments, and CX teams. Lessie was given the honor to be responsible for leading the Military Housing Customer Care transformation for Lendlease’s MHPI portfolio, the largest privatized partner with 40K homes across 28 military installations. From 2019 to 2021 Lessie led the business transformation to provide outstanding communities where Military Families live, work and thrive. Her team’s work has been presented to the Senate Armed Services and House Armed Services, in partnership with Winn property management company, delivering over 50+ new Customer Experience programmatic enhancements for Military Housing. Lessie and her team personally engaged with military spouses and active soldiers to garner feedback on the changes needed. "Both Lendlease’s MHPI program team and Winn’s 1500+ Property Management team are incredibly talented and are deeply committed people to support military housing, military families, and the military installations to provide thriving communities for military families."...says Russell Lessie is also a proud military spouse to an active Special Forces soldier. Lessie designs human-centered processes and systems with customers in mind, anticipating and relieving customer pain points before they arise. Her customer-focused ecosystems scale elegantly and effectively. She is committed and continues to focus her efforts to support military spouses, military families, veterans, and military housing.


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