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Uncertainty And Your Dashboard Of Success

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Meet Lynda Rozell, Christian author of new release and best seller for United States travel and tourism

(Washington, D.C.) -- In the wake of many news headlines, and ongoing uncertainty, among the many themes that resonate across the miles is our ability to become resilient in the face of our own empty gas gauges and the protection of our sanity. "In traveling across the United States I’ve found many occasions to admire the military spouse and the military community. I witnessed their testament to resiliency in their ongoing “hurry up and wait” challenges. They face every season of transition and endless uncertainty for their families, yet their flexible mentality shows us one path to success that can be replicated in our current culture...." stated Lynda Rozell, aka the Tin Can Pilgrim. Lynda Rozell, originally from the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., begins her travels to New York, Ohio, Illinois, the Carolinas, and Florida. Author of new release and best seller for United States travel and tourism, Lynda Rozell is a nomad in her Airstream travel trailer. In July of 2021, Lynda Rozell began her official book tour for “Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim: from corporate lawyer to Airstream nomad, finding joy in everyday life.” Three years ago she quit her corporate life and began following a new path. Published by St. John's Press, her book became a best-seller overnight in three different categories: travel tips, business travel, and Christian professional growth.

Rozell stated... "We’ve all had to learn to live with uncertainty at a new level in the past few

years. The pandemic, political strife, social unrest – wherever anyone stands on the issues of the day, no one is unaffected by them. As women, wives, and mothers, single, young or elderly, how do we cope with that and even thrive in it?" Rozell continued..."Military spouses are used to packing and frequently moving, like nomads who live full time on the road in their RVs. Many military spouses also work out of their homes, again like those who work from their homes on wheels, even preceding the widespread work at home adaptation to the pandemic. The experience of full-time RVrs may offer a few insights on coping with uncertainty and changes in plans."

Lynda Rozell’s book “Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim” highlights how she learned to cope with uncertainty and changes in her life as a full-time nomad and provides in her new book, her own dashboard successes. She shares her own journeys, spiritual and actual, hoping to encourage the many military spouses in her Airstream community along with helping us find our own quiet path amid the seeming chaos of the world. Through entertaining stories, she consistently reveals the maintenance to her peace when her plans are upended again and again through small and major crises as she lives the nomadic lifestyle.

“Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim” will be featured this fall 2021 as Lynda Rozell presents lectures, book signings, women's events, lunch and learns, community advocacy, and travel tips; she will also be featured on many topical websites documenting her cross-country travels in her Airstream. She will share travel tips on her featured Tin Can Pilgrim Blog, which you can follow by visiting Lynda Rozell is available for guest and media bookings as she begins her book signings in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.


About the Author: Lynda Rozell was born and spent her childhood in New York. She has lived most of her life in Virginia, where she earned Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Foreign Affairs and a J.D. at the University of Virginia. After law school, she joined the firm Hunton & Williams as an associate on the Antitrust and Trade Regulation team in Washington, D.C. After several years, she accepted a position with the Federal Trade Commission as a staff attorney in the Enforcement Division of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. She subsequently worked as an Attorney Advisor on the personal staff of two presidential appointees to the Federal Trade Commission: Commissioner Roscoe B. Starek, III, then Commissioner Orson G. Swindle.

In 2018, Lynda retired, moved to Florida, and embarked on her marvelous adventure as a full-time nomad, living in an Airstream travel trailer. She started a travel blog in 2019, This book chronicles her transformation from her previous life to that of a Tin Can Pilgrim, including her ongoing growth in her faith and in the practical skills needed to live in and tow her Airstream trailer. Lynda seeks to live out her Catholic Christian faith in her ordinary, everyday life as she travels around the country visiting and writing about shrines, religious sites, and the beauty of Creation. She invites others into the community of nomads and wanderers that she has found on the road and shares the signposts that continue to lead her to radical trust in God.

Writing and editing have been key parts of Lynda’s personal and professional life. Her publications range from law review articles to an article in the Catholic Missourian. Last year she appeared on Catholic Faith Network and in 2019 was interviewed in print and on a podcast for the Arlington Catholic Herald. She enjoys volunteering, lecturing, photography, reading, and art, as well as spending time with her children and the many friends she has made in her travels across the country.

For more info and interviews contact: Eden Gordon of Eden Gordon Media at Cell: 202/714.6014.

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